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eVisits at Sound Integrative Health

What are E-visits?

Sound Integrative Health is now offering HIPPA secure eVisits with Dr. Rinde from the comfort of your home or mobile device through his partnership with eVisit; a leader in HIPPA compliant telemedicine technology

E-visits lets you connect with your doctor when you need quick, convenient treatment. Skip the trip to the office and video chat Dr. Rinde from home, work, or really anywhere.

What conditions can be seen on an eVisit?

How much does it cost?

Currently eVisits  are for existing patients only.  And  all first visits must be in person. Since much of medical practice  requires an in-person visit, eVisits can only be used in situations  that  wouldn't require a physical exam such as:

a. Sinus Infections

b  Common Colds or Flu's

c. Some Rashes

d. Treatment Plan revisions or Questions

e. Prescription renewals

f.  Dietary Surveillance

g. Postoperative follow up

h. Lab and imaging reviews and analysis

i.  others pending on conditions such as urinary tract infections.

eVisits are billed to your insurance like any other visit

 or can be payed out of pocket.

Your visit co-pay is collected at the time of service. 

Your standard co-pay applies

If you are paying out of pocket.

Cash prices are as follows:

15 minutes: $50

30 minutes: $90

45 minutes: $140

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