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We speak with Geoff Lecovin, DC, ND, LaC, MS, CSCS (Yes thats a lot of initials!).  Dr. Lecovin is a Kirkland, Washington based physician who specializes in performance.  He is very involved with researching the latest on metabolism and sports medicine. We talk about metabolic flexibility and the different trendy diets that are directed at changing our metabolism. So many people feel like their metabolism is stuck in place. If they avoid carbohydrates, they don't feel right and if they eat carbohydrates they crave even more.  This gives us a clue that the body has become metabolically inflexible.  Have you ever driven a hybrid car?  Do you admire how it can run on either gas or electricity? That is similar to someone who is metabolic flexible. If they decide to fast, they feel fine for the 16-24 hours without food. If they decide to enjoy carbohydrates, they don't become inflamed.  Staying metabolically flexible is easier then restoring it.  We are learning approaches to sleep,  exercise,and nutritional strategies that might help.  

Dr. Geoff Lecovin on Metabolic Flexibility


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