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Dr.   Kabran Chapek is on the cutting edge of early detection and early treatment of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  As a  clinician at the Amen Clinics in Bellevue, Washington he specializes in integrative approaches to neuropsychiatry . In this episode he talks about early warning signs of memory loss compared to attention issues.  In addition, he dives into the some key early markers of the potential of Alzheimer's Disease such as Apolipoprotein E4 and Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP). He talks about ways to address neuroinflammation to help slow progression of disease.  It was really great  speaking with this old colleague of mine who I  first met over  15 years or so ago when we were fellow student clinicians at Bastyr University.  Alzheimer's disease currently has no known cure.  Changes in the brain indicating dementia and Alzheimer's Disease potential can start as early as 20 years before the onset of the disease.  You don't want to miss this episode as it gives some really important information as to how to get ahead in detection and possibly prevention of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. If you like this episode please share with people you care about.

Dr. Kabran Chapek on Dementia and Alzheimers


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