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Remote Program for Established Patients. (An established patient is patient that has had a visit with me in the last 3 months)

One time payment of : $295

  • Online assessment followed by an individualized treatment protocol discussion (30 minutes)-remote

  • A primer on the Polyvagal Theory and ANS ladder to aide in emotional regulation during the delivery of the remote therapy

  • Instructional FAQ on the SSP remote therapy and email access to Dr. Rinde who is a certified SSP provider if you have any questions

  • A bonus eBook for additional vagal toning exercises

  • Access to the SSP listening program for three months. Includes pre-treatment, CORE treatment, and post treatment maintenance protocols.

  • (The CORE program is five hours, typically spread over 10 days at 30 minutes per session for adults)

  • Brief check-in after CORE sessions three and five (15 minutes each) 

  • Three-month re-assessment and results review session (30 minutes) 

  • Access to SSP -balance after care for $25/month

Sound Safe Protocol Remote Package Established patients

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