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Important Questions 

Naturopathic Medcine is quite complex and that is one of its strengths and also one if it's great downfalls.

Strong because it is thorough but the complexity often leads to difficulty tracking progress.

How do we do this? By asking and repeatedly trying to answer these questions:

Can what we achieve be measured?

1. Subjectively with a questionairre or by symptom change?

2. Objectively by physical exam?

3. With a lab test using specific biomarkers?

4. With diagnostic imaging using comparison or diagnostic patterns?

The further we can go down the list then the deeper we are convinced on our course of action unless the test is lousy or useless...this is is another great challenge.

Another question that must be answered is to ask what is the target of any existing treatment?

A short concise, achievable treatment plan that clearly points to a direction of therapeutic benefit is the goal.

A treatment suggestion ( ie. diet,lifestyle,supplement,modality,drug)should ideally have the following listed or discussed:

1. What is the target of the treatment?

2. What is the dose required?

3. What are the warnings and contraindications?

4. How do I know if it's working or not?

5. What happens if I skip a dose of discontinue abruptly?

6. What are conventional or alternative options?

Let me know how I am doing with this process. This will keep you from being lost in the trees.


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