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Mucus Membrane Moisture

We often think of avoidance of viruses and hand washing as the best way to avoid getting ill with a virus. While very true; another way to avoid virus is to improve the secretions of mucus membranes. Viruses attach to membranes and a dry membrane makes it much easier for them to attach. Keeping our membranes moist should be considered in the mix of prevention.

Here are some brief tips to prevent viruses from latching to your mucus membranes.

Basically do anything to keep your secretions moist in your nasal passages.

For Example:

1. Drink water at least 2-3 liters per day. Nothing hurts the mucus membrane more then dehydration.

2. If your nasal passages are dry, use Ponaris spray to prevent viral particles from adhering to your nasal cavity. Ponaris is used by NASA astronauts in space and widely thought of in the Sjogren's syndrome community where dry membranes is a major complication of the disease.

3. If the area around your nasal passages is dry, apply shea butter cream like Environmental Working Group-approved Make 3 Organic Shea Butter .

4. Sip on Throat Coat tea several times per day .

5. Avoid running dry area/dry heat throughout the night. Only use in short bursts.

6. Avoid smoke and second hand smoke. This is a major disruptor of the mucus membranes.

7 . Use a HEPA filter in your home and office. Check out the one I have in my clinic room next time you are in the office. HEPA filters remove viruses out of the air so others are not exposed. Also takes down irritants that might disrupt the mucus membrane.

Lets continue to help our local and global community prevent the spread of viruses.

To health.


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