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Article published on Ibs -related food Intolerances and atypical Food allergies

It was a great honor, to be published in The Natural Medicine Journal, a peer-reviewed journal for the Naturopathic Medicine profession. Check out the article link here . The area of food intolerance and atypical food allergy have always been controversial as many of the the tests and reports have been deemed unreliable. Since food intolerance reactions often are delayed 24-72 hours after exposure; patients concerns and observances have been deligitamized by health care providers and loved ones.

This scenario has been particularly troubling for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome .

The article highlights why the tests we select for food intolerances must have much more detail then just IgG antibodies. The article reassures that many of the food reactions that people experience have a legitimate immune mechanism involving histamine and the innate and acquired immune system. And, that food reactions often develop as part of immune cross reaction during an gut infection or gut pathogen exposure. I hope you enjoy the article; admittingly

it is written for health care providers but I am sure there will be some useful information for all.


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