The Sound Integrative Process

Many of our patients have difficult to treat conditions. They seek our care because we are willing to investigate the body on a deep level. Our approach as a holistic medicine provider is to restore the balance to core physiologic processes and also to unseat factors that are blocking the restoration of health . I would like to share my core process of investigation with you so you know a little about how my mind thinks. A highly important and foundational starting point with our patients is to explore: 1. Imbalances in nutrition including toxin burden from the diet. 2. Imbalances in stress tolerance and sleep quality. 3. Imbalances in exercise and movement. A lot of illness is reversed in

Important Questions 

Naturopathic Medcine is quite complex and that is one of its strengths and also one if it's great downfalls. Strong because it is thorough but the complexity often leads to difficulty tracking progress. How do we do this? By asking and repeatedly trying to answer these questions: Can what we achieve be measured? 1. Subjectively with a questionairre or by symptom change? 2. Objectively by physical exam? 3. With a lab test using specific biomarkers? 4. With diagnostic imaging using comparison or diagnostic patterns? The further we can go down the list then the deeper we are convinced on our course of action unless the test is lousy or useless...this is is another great challenge. Another quest

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