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Our Team

Dr. Adam Rinde, ND

Adam Rinde, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Rinde is the Naturopathic Physician at Sound integrative Health and has been serving the Seattle community since 2006.


"Ever since I was a young child , I was curious in the way things works, how puzzles fit together, nature, health, and observing patterns in nature. It makes sense that I eventually found may way into a holistic medicine profession.


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Dr. Adam Rinde, ND

Jen Hauver

Patient Care Coordinator

Jen works with Dr. Rinde to ensure smooth patient care and coordination of visit. She can also help with your scheduling needs.

She can be reached through 425-272-6618




Janelle with NW billing solutions is our lead biller.


Please reach out to her at for any questions.

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