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Cardioprotective Diet

dietary moves if you have atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, or hypertension

Cardioprotective Diet

"Increase Healthy Fats (low in saturated fat) :

Nuts: all nuts
Seeds: all seeds
Nut butter (ingredients should only list nuts and salt)
Nut-based milk (unsweetened)
Oil: any oil that is liquid at room temperature - Avoid high heat plant oils
Olive Oil, Coconut Oil. . Avocado oil (can be used at high heat)
Avocado (guacamole)

Reduce Unhealthy Fats (high in saturated fat)
Butter, ghee
Any fat from a cow or a pig
Mayonnaise (made with olive or avocado oil) Cream (whipping, ½ & ½)
EVOO Cow's milk
Cream cheese
Sour cream
Palm kernel oil

Increa Healthy Proteins (low in saturated fat)
Tofu / Soy
Chicken breast, skinless
Ground turkey, lean
Turkey breast, skinless
Turkey bacon, no nitrates or nitrites
Egg whites

Reduc Unhealthy Proteins (high in saturated fat)
Beef products
Poultry thigh and wing

Increase Nitric Oxide Rich Foods: •
Swiss Chard • Oat Leaf Lettuce • Beet root, beet juice, beet greens • Fresh Basil • Spring greens mix (Mesclun mix) • Butter leaf lettuce • Cilantro • Rhubarb • Arugula • Celery • Lettuce • Fish – Salmon, grass fed beef • Celeriac • Legumes • Parsley • Dark chocolate, ~1 oz. portion • Spinach • Radishes • Cabbage • Raisins • Garlic • Kale • Nuts - walnuts • Citrus Fruit – lemons, oranges, limes • Pomegranate • Dairy products
Note: The majority (~70%) of nitrite in your body comes from vegetables and just 10% comes from meats.

Increase Citrulline Rich Foods
Citrulline Containing Foods L-citrulline is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO). It is a naturally occurring amino acid or a protein building block that is readily converted by the body to arginine in the production of NO. A recent study purports citrulline is a more bioavailable source since it is not metabolized by the liver and therefore may be more effective at increasing arginine and nitric oxide levels. L- citrulline, however, is rarely found in foods. One of the richest food sources being found in watermelon in both the fruit and the rind. The amount of citrulline watermelon contains varies. One study states that 1.5 kg or 3.3 lbs. of fresh watermelon has ~3 grams of l- citrulline (minimum effective dose) and 5.0 kg or 11 lbs. of fresh watermelon has ~10 kg of l-citrulline (maximum effective dose)]. Citrulline Rich Foods: • Watermelon (1.6 - 3.5 g/kg) • Watermelon juice (10 oz.) • Pumpkin • Squash • Cucumber • Bitter melon

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