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The most engaging conversation between health professionals happens in chance meetings in the hallways. During these moments so much is learned. One Thing with Dr. Adam Rinde brings together thought leaders in conversation, and we share it with health enthusiasts and learners. Our conversations primarily focus on one significant thing in the arenas of gut health, brain health, metabolism, and aging. We discuss the most pertinent and relevant questions and affect our listeners by helping with knowledge and giving tools to take action. For show notes to previous episodes click here. 

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Latest Episode

In this episode I welcome on Dr. Richard Boles.  Dr. Richard G. Boles is a medical geneticist and a pediatrician who specializes in mitochondrial medicine, functional disease (including cyclic vomiting syndrome, other atypical forms of migraine, and chronic fatigue syndrome) and autism spectrum disorders.


He has over 70 published papers, mostly in mitochondrial medicine and is considered a pioneer in Genomics.  Dr. Boles currently is in private practice in Pasadena, California, and at the Rossignol Medical Center in Aliso Viejo, California. About one-half of his patients have neurodevelopmental disorders.


As travel to California can be challenging for many, Dr. Boles has joined NeurAbilities Healthcare in order to provide telemedicine services for helping physicians and families translate modern genetics testing into practical treatment options.  He also is a founder of the mitochondrial nutrition company Neuroneeds that focuses on serving the autism spectrum disorder community.


In this episode we discuss Genetic testing overall, the unique genetics of autism spectrum disorder including especially those pertaining to social communication and mitochondria, How mitochondrial dysfunction impacts autism, testing for mitochondrial dysfunction, nutritional applications of mitochondrial dysfunction, the specifics of COQ10.


 I had to go back and listen to this three times as almost every sentence was a pearl. I hope you enjoy this conversation with this most esteemed guest. As become a tradition at the One Podcast we will be devoting $1 of the first 100 plays to the charity of choice of our guest. Dr. Boles has selected MitoAction as the charitable recipient of his podcast.


Please visit their page at if you would also like to contributed.

Here is the show summary:

(00:00) Intro


Genetic Testing In Autism

(8:16) Making genetic information actionable

(13:36) The unique genetics of Autism

(23:30) Mitochondrial dysfunction in Autism

(31:48) Nutritional Treatments of Mitochondria

(33:37) Implications of Mitochondrial dysfunction

(35:42) Oxidative Stress from Mitochondria dysfunction

(37:34) Mitoswab testing

(42:19) CoEnzyme Q10

(45:55) ASD starting points

(50:03) Closing


Resources mentioned in the discussion: 

Richard Frye, MD at Phoenix Children's Hospital doing trials using Mitoswab and mitochondrial nutrition