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Empowered Self

Recently my wife and I took a class together. The topic came up about what questions a patient should ask when being told to consider a treatment or procedure. The instructor talked about using the acronym BRAIN to formulate your questions.

I liked the basic structure of the acronym but like any good nerd (I say this lovingly)...I decided to improve it and I changed the acronym to brains BRAINS.

So here it goes.... A doctor walks into the room and says "I want you to take this pill"....before you say "OK"; follow this process of questions and you are sure feel more empowered in your decisions.


B: What is the Benefit(s) of the treatment or procedure?

R: What is the Risk(s) of The Treatment or Procedure?

A: What Alternatives are available besides this treatment?

I: What is my Intuition telling me (or gut feeling) about doing the treatment or procedure?

N: What would happen if I do Nothing?

S: my addition. What happens if I Suddenly stop treatment?

This is a solid framework so you feel empowered to make a good decision. If you're my patient we should have this dialogue on each and everything I recommend, prescribe, or advise.

Here's to your empowered self.

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