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My supplement of the year

They say form follows function.

And my nomination for nutritional supplement of the year definitely has helped me function.

In 2016, My wife and I decided to have another child when I was well into my 40's. Friends, family, and physicians were encouraging yet filled with warnings . We heard all the stories of the perils of being "older" parents. While we had our first child in our late 30's we decided we wanted another child so much that we would take it on regardless of all the warnings.

Having our second son has been amazing and so rewarding. Yet, I have found that taking care of myself has a whole new premium. The body isn't as forgiving of less sleep when you are in your 40's. About 6 months into his life I started exploring ways to help my brain function better and that's when I learned about Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ).

PQQ is an antioxidant-like molecule that is found in foods like kiwi, green tea, parsley, green pepper, and in the fermented soy product called Natto. What makes it great to me is that it has been shown in clinical trials to improve cognitive function. In one 2018 Study, 20 mg of PQQ daily increased cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism in the prefrontal cortex. Since the prefrontal cortex is involved in planning , organization, and focus , I believe most of us would take a little more support in this region. Researchers believe that PQQ works by supporting the brain mitochondrial function and assisting with mitochondrial biogenesis. While this is only one of two human studies I have seen on PQQ; my personal experience with PQQ is nothing short of what's reported. When I take it I have greater sense of focus and cognitive control.


P.S. if you are a current patient and don't have an account on Fullscript , please email me here and request an invitation. It's a great place to find quality supplements.

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