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I am enthralled by the work of Dr. Christopher Wild who coined the term Exposome. This term describes all the internal and external environmental exposures that an individual faces from birth to death....and...the potential toll these exposures play on our genome.

Benzopyrene_DNA_adduct_1JDG.png. courtesy of wikipedia

In this description he describes essentially the terrain that Naturopathic Physicians navigate all day.If you want to know what Naturopathic Physicians do; a good description is that we help reduce the burden the exposome is playing on our patients genome.

In effect, our job title should include the term "esposome navigator".

Interestingly, he describes the internal (endogenous exposome) which relevant factors include aspects such as: " metabolism, endogenous circulating hormones, body morphology, physical activity, gut microflora, inflammation, lipid peroxidation, oxidative stress and "accelerated" aging".

So our time spent on diet, exercise, gut health, stress reduction, hormone balance, lowering environmental exposures, and balancing inflammation is seen as the controllable factors in buffering the effect of the exposome.

courtesy of

It's odd to me that for a profession that has been much maligned by conventional medicine is now sitting in the nucleus of the future of medicine.

If that is isn't something to "quack" about....I am not sure what is.

f you want to learn how to safely reduce toxic burden please come in and talk to me about detoxification protocols, fasting practices, and hyperthermia therapies. Or email me here


Dr. Adam Rinde is a Naturopathic Physician at Sound Integrative Health in Bellevue, Washington specializing in Naturopathic Medicine with an emphasis on Gut Health, Brain Health, and Metabolic Health

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