Meet your Microbiome: Bacteroidetes

When you get back your GI Map stool analysis one of the first things that is shown is Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes levels. I think of this as a 20,000-foot view of the major population of your gut. The way life forms are named are in this sequence: 1. Domain 2. Kingdom 3. Phylum 4. Class 5. Order 6. Genus 7. Species Bacteroidetes is a phylum of bacteria that live in your gut. From this point stool analysis will often discuss gut habitants in a Genus and Species. Bacteroidetes accounts for almost 50% of the gut inhabitants. The other phyla in the gut are Firmicutes, Actinobacteria, and Proteobacteria. Of course, there are other inhabitants in the gut Parasites/Protozoa, Helminths, Yeasts, and

Prokinetics and SIBO

Giving a pro-kinetic to adults taking proton pump inhibitors reduced risk of getting small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) from 13% to 1% in this study. In a recent study, researchers prescribed levosulpiride ; a pro-kinetic that acts on dopamine D2 receptors centrally and peripherally to be given in tandem with the PPI. That's pretty significant given the risk of SIBO goes up with PPI only therapy. In the U.S , we are desperately lacking in good prescriptive pro-kinetics. Another one that is often spoken about in this setting is Domperidone ; which is a D2 antagonist as well. I don't believe we have on-label approval for any of these medications in the U.S. It just goes to show you

Pain, Pain , Go Away

If you have pain and are not addressing it, what is the cost? When I was going through my training, I had a patient teach me that there are two categories of health concerns. One category are considered "Problems", the other category are considered "Issues". He was telling me at the ripe age of 84 that he has lived well by not downplaying his "problems". Meaning his aches and pains were as important to him as addressing his slowly developing heart failure. He even kept a list of issues and problems that he brought to each visit with me. After we spoke about his hypertension, we would move onto other things like his hip pain and his dry skin. This had a profound effect on me and shaped how

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