Mold Toxicity Lecture by Dr. Nathan at IMMH 2019

It was great hearing Neal Nathan, MD speak in a talk titled Mold Toxicity As An Unrecognized Cause of Mental Health issues. Living in the Pacific NW there are obviously many cases of mold exposure due to the unusually wet climate and high likelihood of building or auto water damage. There are two experts that I have studies in this arena Ritchie Shoemaker, MD and Neal Nathan, MD so it was a pleasure to sit down and hear Dr. Nathan speak. I have been reading Dr. Nathan’s book Toxic so the lecture was useful in solidifying some concepts. I want to preface this article by encouraging you to read this article objectively...don’t read this article and say “this is me; I have mold toxicity”. I

Toxins and Gut Microbes leading to Brain and Mental Health Issues.

This is a recap from a lecture by William Shaw, PhD called The Role Of Toxic Chemicals in Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders that I attended on Day 1 of the Integrative Medicine For Mental Health Conference 2019 in San Diego. Dr. Shaw is the author of the book Biological Treatments of Autism and PDD and a the founder of The Great Plains Laboratory. I order some of their tests like the Organic Acid Test and also I had a fairly good knowledge of the components of his approach, but it was great to hear from the most advanced clinical expert in Organic Acid Testing. They recently developed something called GLP-Tox which is a urine test that looks at toxin exposures such as pesticides and

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