The stages of change model developed by Prochaska & DiClemente in the 1980’s still stands as a helpful guide to understanding where you are in the change process. This model is used for motivational interviewing. There are 5 stages of change: Pre-contemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance Those of us in the first stage of change called precontemplation , have no desire or knowledge of any need to change. Our friends and family may know that we need to change in some way, however we are unaware. This when a good friend, coach, or physician comes in handy and helps us see our own stuff. The second stage called contemplation is the stage of change where we are procrastinating

Prediabetes :A call to action

What is pre-diabetes ? Simply put the body is having trouble utilizing insulin properly. Meaning, the uptake of glucose ,which depends on insulin (a peptide) binding to insulin receptors in the body, is compromised. The body becomes what is called "insulin-resistant". As a result, glucose hangs around in the blood in higher amounts then normal. This causes changes in the metabolism, cravings, weight gain or weight loss, and fatigue. Also glucose hanging around in the blood can cross link with other tissues (ie; eyes, kidney’s, arteries) and start to cause organ decline that can lead to kidney disease, heart disease, and eye disease. Also being diabetic will also compromise one’s immune

Maca root for libido and Cocoa as a prebiotic.

It is always my quest to find "food as medicine" types of choices. The combination of the practicality of this approach and the health benefits makes it extra appealing. Today we are going to discuss two foods ; cocoa and maca root, and some research studies that showed that they may be medicinal. First we find an article entitled Prebiotic evaluation of cocoa-derived flavanols in healthy humans by using a randomized, controlled, double-blind, crossover intervention study (Am J Clin Nutr 2011;93:62–72.) In this study, 22 healthy participants were randomly assigned to consume a high-cocoa flavanol (494 mg cocoa flavanols per day) or a low-cocoa flavanol (23 mg cocoa flavanols per day) drink

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