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Massage Therapy at the Clinic with Sandra Whiley, LMT

Over the years I have been blessed to work with very talented integrative health practitioners, and living in the Seattle area we are spoiled with the best of the best in natural and integrative therapies.

When the clinic I work in welcomed Sandra Whiley, LMT , I was so happy to have a highly sought after and talented massage therapist in our suite.

I had heard of Sandra for many years due to her work in Sequim ,Washington and now she has located to the Eastside and is sharing space in our suite. I asked her to write an introduction below so you all can consider her for your musculoskelatal health needs. Beyond your introduction, I will say she is highly skilled in medical massage and that is what puts her in a unique category. Along with my colleague Malia Luke, LMP, I am confident to refer my medical massage patients to Sandra. See below for an intro. Dr. Rinde


Welcome natural wellness community! I am offering medical massage therapies now in the Bellevue area. Dr. Rinde generously allowed me to post on his blog and I hope to share a lot more with you, so stay tuned!

As a medical massage therapist for 18yrs, I have trained in various therapies for all types of alignments, injuries, pathological- non pathological and musculoskeletal changes.

My focus is to understand how massage methods can benefit patients and the best therapy suited for your needs. A provider’s referral will help me understand initial findings and to navigate methods to bring about body healing and functionality.

I specialize in myofascial release, orthopedic release, pre/post-natal and lymphatic drainage. Theses therapies help a wide variety of dis-ease and are adjunct to all alternative therapies.

A medical massage therapy program provides effective treatment through a skilled, hands-on approach that utilizes palpation, examination of anatomy compromised, assessment for treatment and final application techniques.

Please visit my website for more information, registration and appointment booking online. I will be available to email, text or call prior and throughout your care needs.

Best in health,

Sandra Whiley, LMP, CLT




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