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Mucus lining vs. Microbial pathogens

If we can stop a microbe from binding to the nasal, oral, or respiratory epithelium then we have a better chance of preventing infection and/or slowing viral replication.

How do we win the battle of between mucus membrane and microbial pathogens?

My favorite strategy for this is the nasal spray and gargle.

This was done as part of a double blinded placebo control study in Adults (18–70 years) with mild symptomatic COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory SARS-CoV-2 reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) nasal swab.

The primary interest group of the study was those at high risk of illness progression, defined as unvaccinated, ≥ 45 years of age or having comorbidities.

They used NONS spray 6x's per day with 2 sprays per nostril (0⋅45 mL of solution/dose) for seven days after covid infection.

Subjects Using a Nitric Oxide spray for example, cleared Covid-19 virus 4 days earlier compared to placebo.

There is a commercial Nitric Oxide spray called Enovid.


There a whole host nasal sprays available that might be equally as effective including Grapefruit Seed Extract nasal spray, Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray, and Oregano nasal spray.

I have not seen a mouthwash being studied but a dear patient of mine highly recommends Briotech mouthwash which is electrolyzed saline Electrolyzed Saline, Pure Hypochlorous (BrioHOCl®, 0.01%). Basically special sea salt. Given that gargling sea salt is an old tradition and its highly antiviral ; this is the one I have been using.

If you don't want to get fancy like this; then perhaps try sea salt gargling after concern of exposure or early symptoms.

When I was a student we came learned this antiviral gargle recipe from 3docs (Shoutout 3docs!):

½ tsp Buffered C powder, 2 dropperfuls of Mycoimmune by Thorne, 10mg Ionic Zinc Sulfate (about 4 pumps) Mix together and gargle for 30 seconds or more and spit out. Repeat 4 times per day with early symptoms or early exposure.

Finally I found this delightful mouth gargle that I think has all the right ingredients ; its called Natures Jeannie Gargle .

Of course other things are important for keeping the mucus membrane healthy such as preventing dry mouth and dry nasal mucosa. If you are having chronic dry mouth and dry nostrils please discuss this with your provider.

Ironically in 2020, I posted this article​ related to mucus membrane support ; just two weeks before Covid-19 was on the radar.


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