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Dr. Jill Crista on PANDAS & PANS

Episode #84 of My Podcast is live.

in episode 84, I welcomed back a familiar name to our audience: Dr. Jill Crista

Dr. Crista is back to discuss Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated With Streptococcal Infections(PANDAS) and  Pediatric Acute Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndromes (PANS) .

She was last on my podcast in 2020 speaking about Mold and Bile

Dr. Crista recently authored a new book called  *A Light in the Dark for PANDAS & PANS* which highlights integrative and root cause strategies and treatments for these disorders .

The list of symptoms of PANDAS & PANS is exhaustive but the most telling symptoms are Tics, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder behavior, and Separation Anxiety.  In many of the kids the onset of these symptoms will happen abruptly. Almost overnight .

In this episode we went into so many aspects of PANDAS and PANS including:

  • Diagnosis Challenges

  • The overwhelm of the experience for parents

  • Chronic infections and Mold as being an underlying cause

  • Neuroinflammation and Autoimmunity in the brain

  • Dopamine, Glutamate, Microglial Cells, and Mast Cells

  • The gut microbiome

  • Treatment philosophy

Listen here or below

About Dr. Crista

Dr. Jill Crista is a pioneering naturopathic doctor, best-selling author, devoted educator, and creative innovator. Her superpower is to make complex medical concepts simple and digestible for the average person. Dr. Jill’s passion is to elevate the well-being of the planet via the well-being of her inhabitants. Her books, memberships, and online courses support those wanting concrete steps to conquer health challenges. Dr. Jill focuses on conditions that cause injury to the brain and nervous system, including mold, PANS and PANDAS, Lyme disease, and concussion. She has practitioner course and parent course and an otherwise amazing set of offerings found at

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