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Full Video Episode ..Mastering Metabolism with Ron Sinha, MD

Now available the full recorded video episode of my great interview with Dr. Sinha . Click on picture below to be routed to the video. More below about the episode

I was introduced to Dr. Sinha by previous guest Dr. Akil and quickly understood why.

Dr. Sinha's handle on metabolism related issue like insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, fat gain, and cholesterol issues is on a whole new level.

I became a listener of his podcast Meta Health and have enjoyed nerding-out on his deep dive into metabolism.

When I had a chance to interview him; I was especially interested in his expertise in South Asian metabolism issues; something that is seen a lot in my practice.

Before I continue; I should mention this is the last episode of Season 5. Thank you so much to all my listeners who have really helped me grow this podcast!

Some of the highlights of this interview:

  • Understanding Insulin Resistance and Individualized Approaches Dyslipidemia

  • Fat gain

  • Challenges with restrictive diets and exercise

  • Mitochondrial aging and physical inactivity

  • Reversing Health Trends With Diet

  • Exercise

  • South Asian metabolic concerns

  • Indian Cooking

  • and Metabolic evaluation

  • About our guest: Dr. Ronesh Sinha is an internal medicine physician and corporate health specialist who runs a metabolic lifestyle clinic in Silicon Valley focused on reversing chronic health conditions and optimizing performance in ethnically diverse patients. He is an expert in corporate wellness and serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Silicon Valley Employer Forum (SVEF) where he serves as a global adviser to shape health and wellness benefits for nearly 60 major Silicon Valley companies. Dr. Sinha’s groundbreaking work in corporate wellness with a focus on diverse populations has received global attention with front cover stories in Fortune Magazine and the LA Times. Dr. Sinha blogs actively on health at, hosts the Meta Health podcast, and runs wellness programs for high functioning professionals found here. He is passionate about developing innovative, culturally tailored solutions to help diverse populations lead healthier lives.


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