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Resource for people sensitive to foods?

Food sensitivities are a common concern in my practice. Symptoms of food sensitivity can range from bowel and digestive irregularities, chronic joint stiffness,attention issues, brain fog, depression, anxiety, to weight gain or weight loss. Many patients are sensitive to the big 7 (wheat, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, sugar, and peanuts). However there can be many other sensitivities. One of the problematic things with food sensitivities is finding foods that are not cross-contaminated with your food intolerance. For example let say you are sensitive to corn, and you want to eat a steak. Well if that cow is fed corn, then you may have a reaction to that big juicy steak. Enter grass fed beef. Yet, you may think you are out of the weeds (sorry) but if it is grass-fed that doesn't mean it is grass-finished. A cow that is fed grass all of its life , then may be fed grains or other food-stuff at the end of its life (grain finished). So, the key is to find grass-fed and grass-finished beef, lamb, etc. Here is a great resource for ordering grass fed and grass finished meats.. Its called Windy Ranch. I have no affiliation with them but just have to share and get the word out as many meat sources are finished with grains, corn, soy, and weird-pellets of stuff. If you feel lousy after eating a food that should be on your safe list, you may question other routes of your exposures.

There are debates on both sides of the table. Grain finished ranchers state that grass finished beef raises costs, demands more resources, and may have less nutrients. This debated is beyond the scope of the article. I am just sharing this to open eyes of another potential exposure of your food intolerance.

If you aren't sure if this matters, try ordering grass fed, grass finished beef for a month and see if you know the difference. Now, knowing this is not going to help the food budget for sure, but it may make us more mindful of what actually is going into our body.

Testing for food intolerance is available at my practice for existing patients using Leap Testing.


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